Father’s Help MCQ question and answer

Important Father’s Help MCQ question and answer. ” Father’s Help ” by RK Narayan according to the pattern of Madhyamic English syllabus (WBBSE), class – x

Father’s Help MCQ question and answer

Answer the following MCQ question and answer from Father’s Help.

1. The author of the story, ‘Father’s Help’ is  

  • (a) RK Narayan
  • (b) Ruskin Bond
  • (c) Mulk Raj Anand
  • (d) Manoj Das

Ans.- (a) RK Narayan

2. ‘Father’s Help’ is a / an

  • (a) short story
  • (b) an edited excerpt from Malgudi Days
  • (C) report
  • (d) biography

Ans.- (b) an edited excerpt from Malgudi Days.

3. Swaminathan did not want to go to school on

  • (a) Tuesday
  • (b) Saturday
  • (c) Monday
  • (d) Friday

Ans.- (c) Monday

4. At nine o’clock Swaminathan wailed that he had

  • (a) stomach pain
  • (b) a toothache
  • (c) loose motion
  • (d) a headache

Ans.- (d) a headache

5. ‘Loaf about less on Sundays …-Here ‘loaf’ means

  • (a) play
  • (b) a piece of bread
  • (c) quarrel with others
  • (d) move around in an idle manner

Ans.- (d) move around in an idle manner

6. Swami knew his father could be very

  • (a) friendly
  • (b) liberal
  • (c) strict
  • (d) rude

Ans.- (c) strict

7. The name of Swami’s teacher as mentioned in the story is –

  • (a) Samurai
  • (b) Samuel
  • (c) Simpson
  • (d) none of these

Ans.- (b) Samuel.

8. “He will scold me if I say so.” Here ‘He’ refers to

  • (a) Swami’s father
  • (b) the headmaster
  • (c) Samuel
  • (d) the gatekeeper of the school

Ans.- (c) Samuel

9. “He will scold me if I say so.” -Here ‘scold’ means

  • (a) rebuke
  • (b) not allow.
  • (c) turn out of class
  • (d) beat

Ans.- (a) rebuke

10. Swami said he did not tell the headmaster about Samuel because the headmaster was

  • (a) pleased with him
  • (b) not at school
  • (c) angry with Swami
  • (d) afraid of Samuel.

Ans.- (d) afraid of Samuel.

11. Swami’s father proposed to send a letter with Swami to

  • (a) Samuel
  • (b) the headmaster
  • (c) the secretary of the school
  • (d) a lawyer the headmaster

Ans.- (b) the headmaster

12.Father had composed______to the  headmaster

  • (a) a note
  • (b) a report
  • (c) a long letter
  • (d) a short letter

Ans.- (c) a long letter

13. The word opposite in meaning to ‘apprehensively’ is

  • (a) confidently
  • (b) uneasily
  • (c) nervously
  • (d) happily.

Ans.- (a) confidently

14. Swami felt he had mixed up the real and the

  • (a) unreal
  • (b) imagined
  • (c) important
  • (d) fake.

Ans.- (b) imagined

15. Swami stopped on the roadside

  • (a) for the school bus
  • (b) to have an ice-cream
  • (c) for his friend
  • (d) to make up his mind about Samuel

Ans.- (d) to make up his mind about Samuel

16. Samuel had a / an

  • (a) fair face
  • (b) thick moustache
  • (c) long bread
  • (d) an unshaven cheek

Ans.- (d) an unshaven cheek

17. Swami decided to deliver the letter to the headmaster

  • (a) after the first period
  • (b) at the end of the day
  • (c) at recess time
  • (d) on the following day

Ans.- (b) at the end of the day

18. As Samuel was inspecting the home lessons, he appeared very.

  • (a) angry
  • (b) perplexed
  • (c) gentle
  • (d) excited.

Ans.- (c) gentle

19. Swami felt he had never met anyone

  • (a) as good as Samuel
  • (b) as bad as Samuel
  • (c) as unkind as Samuel
  • (d) as friendly as Samuel

Ans.- (a) as good as Samuel

20. Father snatched the letter from Swami and

  • (a) threw it off
  • (b) tore it up
  • (c) kept it in his pocket
  • (d) told them he would rewrite it.

Ans.- (b) tore it up

21. At 9.30 a.m. Swami was lying on the

  • (a) bed
  • (b) bench
  • (c) table
  • (d) floor.

Ans.- (b) bench

22. Swami complained of a headache at

  • (a) eight o’clock
  • (b) half-past nine
  • (c) ten o’clock
  • (d) nine o’clock.

Ans.- (d) nine o’clock.

23. While going to school Swaminathan thought that he was the

  • (a) finest boy
  • (b) most brilliant boy
  • (c) worst boy
  • (d) cleverest boy. 

Ans.- (c) worst boy  

24. Swaminathan changed his tactics because he knew his

  • (a) father
  • (b) mother
  • (c) headmaster
  • (d) teacher.

Ans.- (a) father

25. Father advised Swami to move about the lesson

  • (a) Fridays
  • (b) Sundays
  • (c) Saturdays
  • (d) Mondays

Ans.- (b) Sundays

26. According to Swami, the headmaster was afraid of

  • (a) letter
  • (b) Samuel
  • (c) noise
  • (d) allegations

Ans.- (b) Samuel

27. Father decided to send the headmaster

  • (a) letter
  • (b) notice
  • (c) telegram
  • (D) report

Ans.- (a) letter

28. At the time of going to school Swami was bothered by

  • (a) thoughts
  • (b) headache
  • (c) conscience
  • (d) weather

Ans.- (b) headache

29. Samuel did not like the boys to be

  • (a) irregular
  • (b) noisy
  • (c) indifferent
  • (d) late

Ans.- (d) late

30. The story ‘Father’s Help’ is an edited excerpt from

  • (a) The Guide
  • (b) Malgudi Days
  • (c) Swami and Friends
  • (d) The English Teacher

Ans.- (b) Malgudi Days

Father’s Help MCQ question and answer [MCQ TEST]

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