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Welcome to my Website – http://English.BanglarSiksha.com.

If you want to know more about the English language and literature you are on the proper website.

English Shiksha Kendra

Here creates a new era of digital ways to do online courses as well as preparation for school college university and various competitive exams.

Here on this website, you will find
MCQ type questions and answers
of various texts from Class V to XII and Online Courses based on English Grammar.

Some of the MCQ sets and courses will be free of cost whereas some others are available at a very cheap rate.


We have collected some information used in this website from books of different authors and different publications. A heartfelt thank you to all those authors and publishers.

It was not possible to obtain permission to publish Some Information Used on This Website in all cases. Many thanks to Google and Wikipedia.


In a nutshell, this effort is aimed at promoting and disseminating the English language and providing information to English students. Forgive all my mistakes with the purpose in mind, you have this expectation.

Keep visiting my website for getting updates regarding new posts. Post related topics will be posted every week.

English Siksha Kendra This website will provide MCQ Test, SAQ questions and answers on all topics of English Literature and Grammar and Online courses on all topics of English Literature and Grammar.

Note: The work of the website has not been completed yet, the work of updating the information is going on…

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About Myself

My Profile

Animesh Ghosh

I Animesh Ghosh


10 Years Experience


Call – 9775896790

Whatsapp – 9734709437

My Tuition Place

Satpatta (Home)

Class – (vii-viii) Wednesday 8.30 am, Saturday 8.30 am, Sunday 6 am

Class – (ix) Monday 8.30 am, Wednesday 9.30 am, Friday 8.30 am

Class – (x) Monday 6 am, Wednesday 6 am, Friday 6 am

Class – (xi) Tuesday 7.15 am, Thursday 7.15 am, Saturday 7.15 am

Class – (xii) Tuesday 6 am, Thursday 6 am, Saturday 6 am

Mandalkuli (Near Mandalkuli Netaji Vidyapith)

Class – (ix) Sunday 9 am, Friday 10 am, kumarara

Class – (xii) Thursday 6 pm, Sunday 7.30 am

Raipur (Master Colony)

Class – (xi) Tuesday 9 am, Thursday 9 am

Class – (xii) Tuesday 10.30 am, Thursday 10.30 am

Education Qualification

B.A.(English Honours, Sanskrit and Physical Education Pass) Burdwan University, Onda Thana Mahavidyalaya-2015

M.A.(English) Kazi Nazrul University-2017

B.Ed Burdwan University, Raipur B.Ed Collage-2019